CONTACT US: +39 0775 77 60 32
CONTACT US: +39 0775 77 60 32

Airport Baggage Handling

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The turnkey systems are developed with mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and management software.

Customer Type: Airport Management Company

MHS Company is highly qualified in luggage transport and technical personnel with more than 20 years of experience. MHS is pleased to present its main services and products: 


The Company can provide:

  • High capacity inclined carousels
  • Flat carousels
  • Belt Conveyors
  • Belt Sequencers
  • High speed diverters
  • 45° inserters
  • Weighing scales 
  • Check-in scales

The machines can be supplied OEM or complete turnkey, including installation on site.

All the machines are designed to fully comply the latest regulations in the work field and environmental safety. The choice of high quality and reliable components makes MHS products highly performing and easy to maintain.

The integrated MHS solutions include all the features of the baggage handling system, from check-in, through security checks at various levels, to the process and baggage transfer to delivery to the airlines. 

The MHS technical staff provides all the aspects of the design: simulations, layout, mechanical system, electrical system, automation, supervision, studies and customized proposals.

The Company can offer changes to existing plants even if not directly supplied by them.

The Company, besides of supplying its products, supplies customized and highly qualified after-sales  services aimed to maintaining optimal plant conditions.