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(Ref.) 102018000009167

MHS carousel inclined overlapping slats are devices used in baggage handling. They are used to sort baggage in both departures and arrivals (baggage reclaim) Carousel Overlapping Slats are made of o coated metal frame, and work using one or more friction drive motors that are quiet have reduced maintenance time and require no lubrication. The friction drive system has a tensioning mechanism that con be either manual or automatic (managed by a control system) The modular system allows configurations suitable to any customer requirements. It is also possìble to reconfigure previous layouts to new customer demands. Baggage is put onto a surface of plastic slats. The slats are assembled so that each plate overlaps the previously assembled slat. The machine may be, dependent upon intended use, stainless steel or steel coated.

Carousel Inclined Overlapping Slats
Linear Module Lenght 1850 mm
External Curve Radius 2440 mm
Useful width between edge 1500 mm
Edge height According to customer needs
Max Static load 300 Kg/m
Max Dinamic load 150 Kg/m
Speed 0.5 m/sec. (inverter)
Power Motor 2,2 kW
Voltage 380 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Finishing Inox/Painted/According to customer needs
Temperature range -10°÷ 50° c
Umidity Range 10 ÷ 85%
Motor Group number According to customer needs
Slat length 1500 mm
Slat Thickness 6 mm
Slat Material PVC or Inox
Trasmission Friction Drive
Maintenance Easy desengarg gearbox
Maintenance Automatic or manual shoot chain
Maintenance Adjustable chain