CONTACT US: +39 0775 77 60 32
CONTACT US: +39 0775 77 60 32


Chain Driver Roller Systems, are ideal for moving bulky and heavy packages.

The rolles are moved by the chain. The chain is powered by motorgear box. All solutions are develop as customare requiremets. The rollers conveyors can be customized for specific using.

The Rollers Conveyors Systems, used for heavy duty operations.

The Rollers Conveyors can be provided:

  • Stainless Steal or Carbon Steel frame and rollers
  • Side guide
  • Payload until 4.000 kg
  • Gear box as custmare request
  • Electrical Control Cabinet and on board. M.H.S. adopts the main market, for example Schneider, Siemens etc…
  • PLC Software