CONTACT US: +39 0775 77 60 32
CONTACT US: +39 0775 77 60 32

Company Profile

Material Handling Systems (M.H.S.), is an Italian Company, whose organization is designed to serve Handling Systems field.

All the M.H.S. products, designed to meet the modern handling needs, the completely customizable solutions proposed, make us an authentic partner-producer for handling solutions.

Nowadays, our Company has got a highly qualified technical team, which carries out engineering activities according to consolidated design procedures. The validated experience leads to the achievement of high quality standards. The Company designs, simulates, develops, puts into service and takes care of maintaining the proposed systems.

In-depth knowledge of the environment industry, allows us to plan the implementation of individual activities, in full compliance with the operational needs of this specific field.

The production of our Company allows us to create transport systems that are perfectly suited to the customer’s needs.

M.H.S’ main strengths are:

  • Product quality;
  • Dynamic and active Company;
  • Customizable solutions;
  • Rapid ability to put the components into production;
  • Value for money of the services offered in line with the market.