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CONTACT US: +39 0775 77 60 32


The Hight Speed Diverter from M.H.S., is used for automated sortation systems.
When the system is in diverting position, the vertical belt form a 45° wall. The belt conveyors move the baggage from main line to chute or takeaway conveyor.
The system works with one singular motor. The system is provided with electrical cabinet. In the electrical cabinet the variable frequency drive, provided simple speed adjustements.
The Hight Speed Diverter is perfect for new installation ar replacemets.

Hight Speed Diverter0021-N-000-000
Sortation60 items for minute
Angle0-40° sinchronized
Lenght2 x 1100mm (for 1070 belt conveyor wide)
Temperature Range-10 °C / 50°C
Motore TypeSynchro
FinishingPainted / According to customer
Humidity Range10 / 85%
Belt ConveyorEscluted
Electrical CabinetIncluted