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CONTACT US: +39 0775 77 60 32

Switch Pallet


These systems are designed in order to allow the replacement of the original pallet with a “clean” one; this is particularly useful for companies that need to introduce uncontaminated packaging in their production area, such as food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies.

In most cases they are installed between the areas referred to as “gray” and “white” areas. The systems allow to handle the most varied kinds of products such as: bags, glass, bottles, phials, big bags, boxes and drums.

The replacement of the pallet is carried out through the transfer of loads from one pallet to the other. Systems are customized and they can be integrated with storage systems, pallet dispensers, template and weight control systems, etc.

We provide complete turnkey systems and our customers are fully supported by M.S.S. engineers throughout the process, from the proposal to the delivery, and we also provide after-sales support and maintenance services.