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CONTACT US: +39 0775 77 60 32


In this case, MHS provided new “customized” system for package.

Customare Requirements:

  • Relieve machine for packaging containers of chips at a rate of 100 pcs / min
  • Move the containers of chips towards the cardboard packaging machine
  • Stamp the batch under the box of chips Check the weight (EC) of the container on scales
  • Arrange the chip containers forming 3 x 5 layers
  • Load two types of interlayers
  • Move empty cartons on the shape until the packing cartons heads
  • Insert the containers arranged in layers 3 x 5 inside of empty cartons
  • Enter the interlayer and of the closing cadence of cardboard with 7 cases per minute
  • Move the full box to the taping area.

Proposal Technical Solution.

M.H.S. implemented the design and construction of a complex plant, in order to automatically allow the following steps:

  • Move cardboard boxes to the stacker and gripper
  • Print the production lot on the lower part of the cardboard container
  • Check the weight of each individual container in line, by integrating the check scales in their systems
  • Arrange the cardboard containers in a layer 5 x 3
  • Move empty cartons from packer
  • Place the layers of containers 5 x 3 inside of empty cartons
  • Complete interlayer and final cover
  • Transfer the carton to the taping machine and palletizing line

The M.H.S. Cardboard Packaging Plant allows container packaging of 100 chips per minute, automatically and continuously